Big nose love



I hate plastic surgery. Not the ones to repair or to fix something, but the one for vanity. After looking through some before after pictures, the results are strikingly similar. Especially in Korea.


Big eyes, straight nose, even the mouth looks the same. 

If everyone does this we’ll just be clones. Beauty isn’t something you can buy. Once everyone looks the same, it wouldn’t be beautiful or pretty anymore. So why conform? 

Another example to how messed up the world is becoming. Or is. 

I absolutely agree. From the early age we are taught that we should behave and look like everybody else in order to be popular.  Automatically we grow up to be a ‘gray mass’.

And This is why I really appreciate the unique beauty. We can’t change the world if we don’t change our thinking first.


sofia coppola and marc jacobs for vogue paris

I love how similar their noses look. Like a perfect match.

Rosy de Palma

I was bullied a lot for my nose at school, hated it until this year, when I finally realised that being different doesn’t mean not being beautiful. I always wanted a nose piercing but thought they were only for people with cute little button noses - my boyfriend even told me he thought it wouldn’t suit me! But one day I decided that if my nose is going to be on my face for the rest of my life, I may as well decorate it however I damn please - and now with my piercing I love my unique nose even more :D Anyone else thinking about it, I say go for it, it suits everyone!
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That ain’t a nose, THIS is a nose.  Most noses I’ve seen on here aren’t that large, most are medium in my opinion  Pinocchio, Gonzo and elbowface were common place insults/nicknames growing up.
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Love coming on this tumblr to see beautiful people with big noses :)

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Is this anime